Window film: a cheap way to make your windows look expensive!

window film
Roll of window film
I love stained glass windows!
Unfortunately our house didn't come with glass stained windows. And after having a look at prices for glass stained windows, my cheeks were soon tear stained. So I made peace with the fact that I would never live in a house with glass stained windows. It took some therapy, but I was alright ; )
Then I discovered stained glas window film. And suddenly Isaw an opportunity to get my home with glass stained windows after all!

Window film

Window film is a great and easy way to give your windows a whole new look. It's like wallpaper for your windows. And unlike real glass stained windows it comes relatively cheap! I found two kinds of window film:
  • Adhesive window film.
  • Adhesive-free window film.

Adhesive window film

This kind of window film comes with adhesive. That makes it a bit more difficult to work with I think. You only have so many chances to get it right, before the adhesive stops working!

Adhesive-free window film

This kind of window film is static, so it clings to your window like a cheap suit! What I like about this kind of window film is that you have endless do-0vers! When first time you don't succeed, you can try again and again, and again. And again. And should you move to another house, you just peel it off your windows and take if with you.

Why would you want window film?

I'll tell you!

  • Window film will save energy
  • It will reduce heaet
  • It's fingerprint and smudge resistent, which is great if you have kids running aroudnd!
  • You can easily clean it with soap and water
  • It gives your home a whole new look
  • It can offer much needed privacy

Two rolls of window film

I bought two rolls of window film for 13 bucks. I found them in a little out of the way shop, and they were a real bargain. So I figured I might as well give them a try. I chose a relatively simple pattern, because our living room is quite colorful as it is.

And this is how it turned out:

stained glass window film
I gave my window the window film treatment!

I really like it!

Practial information

One of the online stores that sell window film is Wallpaper for windows.

Do you use window film around your home?

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