Pimp your messy kitchen drawer!

Once a month my aunt Marie comes in to give my house a thorough cleaning. What can I say? When they handed out domestic skills I was in another line again. This time at MacDonalds ordering a Big Mac.

My aunt Marie usually comes in on Monday, so on Friday I'll be running around the house, cleaning up like crazy so she won't be tóo upset by the state of my household. As it is, even after trying to be a good housewife all weekend, my aunt Marie still shakes her head in sorrow when she enters the house.

One of the things she always tells me looks 'a right mess' is the kitchen drawer where I keep all the forks, spoons and knives. But this Monday I was ready for her! Because I had gone out and bought some pretty paper, and lined my drawers with it. It looked very Laura Ashley and Country Home like, and I could tell my aunt Marie was impressed!

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