House with no doors: a pro feminist song

A little while I ago I posted my very deep analysis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And now the time has come for my next analysis. I found this country and western song of George Strait that turns out to be a male perspective on the feminist movement!

What's it all about?

There's this guy who wants George Strait to build him a house with no door. And you wanna know why? To make sure if his woman comes back, she won't be able to leave. This of course symbolizes the time when women were supposed to stay at home, raising lots of kids and cooking barefoot in the kitchen. But times have changed: women don't stay at home anymore. They go out, and have their own careers. For some men this is hard to swallow. They líke their woman at home. And this guy obviously is one of them.

Luckily George Strait is an enlightened guy, so he tells this man building a house with no door is nót the way to go. First he points out the practical problem by saying:

If I did that,
and she ever came back
Friend, tell me how would she get in?

A very valid point, I think.

Then he proceeds to point out the deeper, feminist issue of trying to keep a woman at home:

I said buddy we tried this before,
And if there ain’t one, she’ll make one
Either way she’ll run
And leave you a house with a hole for a door

The song then leaves the listener with two wisdoms to mull over:

'You can’t make a women feel something she don’t
And you can’t build a house with no doors.'

After listening to this song I feel I have learned a lot!

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