Chesterfield: the classic couch!

As a mom of five, I'm a great fan of books about interior decorating. Not because I'm a wonderful interior decorator, but I love looking at the pictures.

In all my interior decorating books I read that Chesterfields are timeless classics, that really add a touch of class to a living room. So I scoured garage sales, antique shops and eBay to find one. Because in a living room filled with ugly plastic toys, I could really use something beautiful.

Then one day I found one! I offered 20 dollars, and I actually got it! It was covered with white dog hair, and looked like it had been in a fight with Mark Tyson, but I didn't care. Using Google I found out that you can remove dog hair from a couch by rubbing it the wrong way with rubber gloves. And it kinda worked.

Now I'm finally the proud owner, of one of those old, threadbare Chesterields! The kind of couch that only gets more beautiful with wear and tear. So pretty soon, I'll have the most beautiful Chesterfield on earth!

Thanks to my kids.

How would you describe your living room?

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  1. Ha, good way of putting it! I always like to buy stuff that already kinda looks a little dirty, even as new, ha! That way when the kids mess it up I can say to myself, "It's SUPPOSED to look that way!"

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