Bird watching

bird watching

Since I read Sally Hinchcliffe's exciting thriller about birdwatching, Out of a clear sky, I like to think of myself as a bit of a birdwatcher! So when I looked out the living room window, and spotted a rather exotic looking bird perching in the apple tree, my heart skipped a few beats in excitement!

Most noticeable was its bright green breast, and in my mind I speculated: 'Could it be a parrot? Or an eh.....' because my knowledge of birds is rather limited.

Look at that bird!

Excitedly I pointed out this rare apparition to my husband, but of course, being a guy, he didn't 'see' it.
'Look! Right there in the apple tree!' I hissed, and added: 'Do you realize how special this is?!'
Frantically I looked around me for some paper and a pen, so I could jot down a description of this miracle, to determine its brand on the internet later.

That's just a sparrow

'Ooh, nów I see it!' hubby finally declared, but added: 'That's just a sparrow!'
I elbowed him out of my way indignantly.
'How can you say that?! Didn't you see that bright green breast?' and I took another look at my discovery, which suddenly took flight, leaving its bright green breast behind.
'Huh? Oh... it was a sparrow dangling from one of those bird food balls,' I concluded forlornly.

'Quickly, get your pen and paper so you can write down that you saw a sparrow today!' hubby advised between laughs.
'No thanks. I'll write down I saw this fat, balding bird, who looked like a short man,' I replied in cool tones, still smarting from the rapid demise of my birdwatching reputation.

'Don't forget to add it wore Birkenstocks,' hubby said helpfully, because he's a helpful kind of bird.

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  1. I am a big bird enthusiast. My twin sister and I started a collection of bird figurines over 10 years ago and now I have a huge collection which stands as a memorial to the shared love we had for our feathered friends. My twin sister died in 2008. I am a new Follower and learnt about your Blog from the Give A Hoot Wednesday Blog Hop. Have a good day.
    Judy from Jamaica

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