Bouquet of flowers or work in disguise?

I love getting presents. But only presents that don't require any action on my part, otherwise they're just work in disguise.

So when hubby comes home, brandishing a big bouquet of flowers, I tell him with appropriate gratitude: Thank you honey. Now put them in a vase please.'

Then hubby throws them into the sink and mumbles something along the lines of: 'I'll do it later.' And by later he means: next year, or when he feels like it, whichever comes first. Which is usually 'next year'.
So then I'll have to heave myself off the couch, to rescue my flowers from a horrible death by thirst.

I'll get the big butcher knife, and start sawing away at the stems, because obviously, I'm not going to do them one by one! That would take forever. As soon as I'm done I'll plonk the vase on a table, and quickly run back to the couch.

When the world still turned in As The World Turns, they had the right idea: bouquets were presented in a vase, with a neat bow tied around it. It required no action on the part of the recipient whatsoever.

Nevertheless, when Barbra Streisand moaned: 'You don't bring me flowers anymore', she probably had only herself to blame.

Like I do.

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  1. Oh my gosh you are funny! I had my husband give me a "gift" of flowers for a year for my birthday. Every week I knew I had to cut and prepare the roses for the week. It became work and not a cute idea! LOL So I feel you completely!

  2. Hubs knows better than to bring me flowers. I don't see the point of ripping a beautiful living thing out of the ground to bring it inside to die. Silly really. It did take him YEARS to learn this though. LOL

    Visiting from Over 40 hop!

  3. I'm realizing more and more how different my husband and I are...what he really means when he says or does certain things. I think he has given up on me taking care of the flowers because I will forget and leave them in the sink so thankfully he puts them in a vase, but it really is silly to hand someone a gift and then insist they do all the work for it.

    I am stopping by with some comment love from Susie QT Pies and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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