Breaking News: local woman wounded while trying to make school snack!

Breaking News.

A local woman tried to get creative for the school dinner. Parents were expected to bring all kinds of great culinary treats to the school table. Unfortunately this local woman wasn't very good at 'cooking stuff', as she explained.

Officials are looking into the matter.

Are parents expected to do too much?

The unfortunate woman certainly thinks so.

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  1. Haha. That's so funny. My son's school doesn't mind what he brings for lunch. But during Christmas parties they have a pot luck and give out food assignments. Good thing it were just sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

  2. Haha! I finally broke down and did the school lunch thing--it was just too much, having 6 kids going to school, 2 little ones at home, dad's work taking him everywhere but here, and my failing health--they seem to have survived so far! But yeah, there seems to be a lot expected of us mothers from the education system once our kids are in school!

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