From Summer clothes to Winter gear

All around me I can see the signs of Autum. Leaves are changing from green to orange and red, local farms are selling pumpkins, and temperatures are dropping. But one thing hasn't changed: my kids still insist on wearing their Summer clothes. And as I wearily sigh I realize: it's thát time of year again. It is time to once again fight the Battle Of The Change Of Clothes For The Season!

Luckily experience has taught me kids respond well to pictures. So I surfed to Kidsen and clicked on Winter Wear for kids. My eye immediately fell on a mini fur coat, that would make any kid look cute. Heck, I would look cute in that coat! So I called my kids over to show them this lovely coat, but of course because I liked it they didn't. Never mind though, now that I had their attention I could slowly indoctrinate their little minds to tune into Winter! (insert evil laugh)

Since I was there, I also checked out Kidsen's children furniture. They really do have some lovely stuff! Next week is my birthday and I definitely want the Trojan Horse Box. It's a box that looks like a horse, and it has wheels. It will make decluttering so much easier. I'll just ride around on my Trojan Horse and put all the clutter in it.

Have your kids made the transfer from Summer clothes to Winter clothes yet?

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  1. You know, I've had the same argument several times this week with my daughter. She wants to keep wearing her cute little flouncy skirts, and I don't want her legs to freeze. Oh the drama of girls and their clothes!

  2. No matter how hot it gets between now and April 1st of next year, my son is in long pants/jeans since last week. We live in NC. It can be 80 degrees on Thanksgiving OR MORE. We never retire the summer tops though. We mostly wear a jacket over them.

  3. That's one thing I miss about living back east is the autumn leaves. I loved snapping pictures. Here I'm the sunshine state - it's well - sunshiny. 🙂 haven't been "winter shopping" because there is no winter. It is currently 88 degrees here.

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