Is this a bad buy?

bad buy

When it comes to clothes I like mine comfortable. But I also wanna look like I kind of made an effort.

So I always wear jersey skirts with elastic waistbands and cotton t-shirts that are nice, soft and simple. I don't like embellishments or words on my shirts.

I fell in love with the wrong t-shirt?

Which is why I surprised myself by falling in love with a red t-shirt that had red glittery hearts on the front. I bought in spite of my eldest daughter's dire warnings:

'Those hearts are in the wrong place mom!' 

Is this shirt a bad buy after all?

So anyway, now I'm the owner of a t-shirt with glittery hearts in the front. But I find myself not quite daring to wear it. Because my daughter may have a point.

The hearts áre strategically placed, and may send a strange message that way. I'm not sure....

What do you think? Is this shirt alright? Or is a bad buy?

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