How much perfume is too much?

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Like too much perfume.

Last week I visited some old friends, and we hugged. But as soon as I let go of my friend, I smelled it.

I was literally drowning in her scent. Her scent was totally overpowering my scent.

I even smelled it when we got home. I didn't feel like me anymore! There was nothing for it: I threw my dress in the washing machine, and hopped under the shower. And when I got rid off all the smell, I sighed with relief. I felt like me again.

My smell is shower lotion

I like the natural look, feel and smell. If I had to describe my personal smell I would probably say it's 'clean' with a hint of the scent of my Dove shower lotion. Sometimes I add a little bit of my Adidas Floral Dream perfume. But even then, I smell modest.

This whole smelly experience got me thinking: how much perfume is too much?

I would say, if you put so much perfume on your scent overpowers everyone you touch, you're wearing too much! But that's just me.

Lots of perfume is very domineering

I think that people who go about their day in clouds of perfume, smothering everyone in their surroundings in it, may be very domineering types. After all, they're overpowering other people just by their smell. It's hard to believe they're really very shy and like to stay in the background.

Have you ever been smothered in someone else's scent? And how did it make you feel?

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  1. Thing is, for some of us, it isn't just annoying and unpleasant (as if that isn't bad enough). I've read that, like me, 15% of the population has allergy/sensitivity to it. For people with asthma and other respiratory problems it can be deadly. I have a wonderful friend who really enjoys a particular fragrance, but she is so thoughtful and kind that she puts her fragrance on at bedtime, then washes it away in her morning shower so that it will not adversely affect anyone.

  2. It's rare that I encounter someone whose scent is so strong that it annoys me. I love perfume, and I wear it regularly. However, I do consider how much I am applying because I don't want my scent to be overwhelming. I wonder if those wearing fragrances are even aware of how much they are applying? Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

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