It's one of us by J.T. Ellison review

it's one of us review

It's one of us by J.T. Ellison is about the kind of thing you hear in the news:

Sperm clinics that use the same donor too many times, resulting in lots of siblings.
That's how it all starts in It's one of us.
It's one of us: the story
Park Bender, who has been trying unsuccessfully to have children with his wife Olivia, donated sperm in his younger years. 

Now it turns out that there are at least 30 children walking around who are his offspring! 

And one of them is a murderer! 

It's one of us: story about infertility and psychological thriller

It's one of us is both a story about infertility and a psychological thriller about a creepy killer. And these two stories intertwine. 
  1. On the one hand, you have the story of Olivia and Park Bender. 
  2. On the other hand, you have the story of Darby, one of the women who received Park's sperm and thus has a daughter and a son. That son turns out to be a psychopathic murderer. 
It's one of us: the perspectives 

 The perspectives in It's one of us change with each chapter

  • The Wife (Olivia) 
  • The Husband (Park) 
  • The Mother (Darby) 
  • The Daughter 
  • The Brother (Perry, Park's brother) 
In addition, there is also the perspective of one of the detectives. I found this both confusing and irritating. 

How I feel about It's one of us

Although I still like the idea of this book, I didn't really enjoy the story. It is chaotic, messy, and I felt the characters are very inconsistent. 
One moment, Olivia thinks it's really over with her husband Park, and the next moment, she wonders if their marriage can still be saved. 

Unreliable and capricious characters 

I know, we as humans are always changing, but I found the unreliability of the characters very annoying. 

As a reader, you have no idea where things are headed. 

There is no certainty; everything can go in any direction. 
The plot twist at the end of the book is further proof of that. As a result I didn't even appreciate the twist. It only annoyed me some more.

I can't really recommend It's one of us

On Goodreads, It's one of us is rated 3.87. 
But I think it's worth 2.50. 
I can't really recommend it, even though like I said I really like the premise!

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