Young love

Only days ago my fourteen year old's heart beat speeded up whenever I mentioned Edward McCullen, Twilight's tormented vampire. But suddenly he's yesterday's news, and she has transferred her affections to former bad boy Johnny Depp.

It reminds me of the time I was thirteen and had this huge crush on Sandokan, The Tiger of Malaysia. Oh, how I felt for him when his beloved Marianna died in his arms! And as he turned his brooding eyes into our living room I rushed to his aid, and hugged the tv screen to my small bosom. At night I feverishly planned my trip to Malaysia so I could make him forget all about Marianne.

In August I kind of forgot about Sandokan and fell in love with Elvis Presley. I blame the broadcasting companies, for bombarding the tv screen with Elvis' movies during August. However, I only liked the young and fresh looking Elvis. My love did not survive his big, white, flashy jumpsuit.

Then came the Thornbirds, and I went through several tissue boxes watching the impossible love between Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. After this, my love life took a nose dive, until the series Beauty and the Beast. I just loved The Beast, Vincent to his friends, and his husky voice. Every week I watched, with growing impatience, how he and Catherine álmost kissed, but never their lips did meet.

Then I met my hubby and that was the end of my fictitious romances. But sometimes I still think about them: Sandokan, Elvis Presley, Richard Chamberlain, The Beast...

I smile a melancholy smile, and I try not to notice my husband has just let one rip.

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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower!

    I STILL love Johnny Depp. I could just drool all over him! Loved The Torn Birds too!

    My daughter hasn't really gotten any crushes yet (she's just 9 yo) but she's really into Michael Jackson since his death.

    Pop by my blog anytime!

  2. LOVE Johnny Depp!!! I cannot wait to see him in Alice in Wonderland! I think I've seen all his movies 🙂

    My 16yo daughter definitely has a crush on Taylor Lautner from Twilight..she thinks he's yummy 😛

    I'm a new follower! Love for you to come visit me at my blog 🙂


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