Love From Australia: Gemini Uggs a product review

There are lots of brands offering Uggs, also known as Sheepskin Boots.

To name a few: Koolaburra, Emu, Bearpaw, Ugg Australia, Sheepland, Jumbo, NZNature, Whooga Uggs, Celtic Sheepskin, Love from Australia, en Kiwi Sheepskin.

Of all these brands, I have experience with Whooga, Emu, Sheepland, NZNature and LFA.

Love From Australia: sheepskin boots with a twist!

Love From Australia offer sheepskin boots with a twist. And when I saw the LFA Gemini Uggs it was love at first sight! They look really romantic with ribbons, and a big bow at the back.

I bought them on for 75 pounds, or 121 dollars. I also had to fork out 25 dollars for shipping. Cheap, they were obviously not, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted these Uggs!

They arrived in a few days, and as I took them out of the box my heart beat faster, because they looked lovely. I decided to wear them immediately, because I had to run an errand, which would take me on a five minute walk. What could be better than to show off my Gemini Uggs to the world.


Unfortunately during my five minute walk I quickly felt like the Little Mermaid when she traded her fish tail for some feet. It hurt. It hurt real bad. My romantic boots were so firm they chafed my ankles, and I got big blisters.

Luckily I managed to sell them to someone else who didn't have such tender feet.

To sum up!

The Gemini Uggs of Love From Australia are lovely to look at. The heel is very strong, so strong in fact that it hurt my feet.

I bought them in a size 5 (UK) and they fit quite snug. I would say they run a bit small.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Hey I found you through the Alexa Hop. You should know that the link is not working properly- it took some doing to get to you. Hope you will stop by and see me.

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