Hedgehog Uggs: product review

I'm a big Ugg boots fan, and I'm always looking for great and less expensive alternatives to UGGS Australia.

So when I first spotted Hedgehog uggs I got all excited. Because they only cost about 61 USD! For those of you who don't know the significance of this: the same classic tall boot of UGGS Australia will set you back 195 USD!

About Hedgehog uggs: what do they look like?

Hedgehog uggs are available only in classic tall style, and a dark brown color. The outside is made of suede, and on the inside the boot is lined with sheep wool all the way through. Though not as thick as the lining of Whooga Uggs, the wool is nice and warm to the touch.

The Hedgehog uggs measure 31 cm from top to bottom, and the soles are nice and thick. Unlike Whooga Uggs and Uggs Australia uggs they don't feature a label at the heel of the boot. However there is a small label at the the top of the boot featuring a little hedgehog and the brand name in a cute, small print.

The boots look like they were handmade with an eye for detail. There are no ugly glue marks, and the stitching looks neat and sturdy.


The Hedgehog uggs arrived in a white, square box. Inside the box the Hedgehog uggs were carefully packaged in plastic bags. When I took them out I could smell real leather, which is always a good thing.

Hedgehog uggs: almost elegant!

When I first put them on, I was pleased. Uggs are known to make your feet look rather big, and they are even compared to bearpaws. But the Hedgehog boots weren't chunky at all. As far as uggs could ever aspire to look elegant, these almost did.

Hedgehog uggs versus Whooga uggs and UGGS Australia uggs

The big difference between Hedgehog uggs and Whooga uggs and Uggs Australia is that Hedgehog uggs are made from suede and lined with wool. Whooga uggs and Uggs Australia are made from twin faced sheepskin: the fluffy part and the outside part of the ugg are one piece. Which is why some people say uggs are sheep worn inside out… yuck… This probably explains the big price difference.

Whooga uggs beat both the Hedgehog uggs and the UGGS Australis uggs. They're twice the price of the Hedgehog boots at 137 USD but they win because of their thick layer of sheepskin.


Like so many uggs, Hedgehog uggs have a mind of their own when it comes to sizing. The advice is to order a size up. However, I'm a UK size 5, so I tried a pair of Hedgehog boots in a size 6, and they were way too big for me. (My feet measure about 23 cm from heel to toe.) So based on my own experience, I would advice to order your normal size.

Closing argument

Even though the Hedgehog uggs are not as luxurious as the Whooga Uggs, they appear to be better made: the stitching is neater. So they are a great alternative for those who are looking for a real pair of sheepskin boots without breaking their piggy bank.

Hedgehog sheepskin boots are nice, warm, and well made. Another plus is the model: it doesn't make your feet look bigger.

Wanna get you some?

You can get your own pair of Hedgehog uggs at www.sonderpostendealer.de.

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