Whooga Uggs 2013

Even though my Whooga Uggs are still warm and comfy, they've got a hole in them!

On top of my foot! I have no idea how that happened but it sure is draughty! So I decided to treat myself to a new pair. My current Whooga Uggs look quite battered after all. Much like me, after 17 years of motherhood… but let's not dwell on that.

Ordering Whooga Uggs

At first I tried to get my Whooga Uggs cheap and looked around on eBay. But unfortunately there are hardly any Whooga Uggs for sale on eBay. So I figured I might as well fork over 137 USD which is still a lot less than the 195 USD you have to pay for a pair of UGGS Australia uggs.

Sheepskin boots sizing guidelines

My current Whooga Uggs are a size 6, even though I normally wear a size 7. Just to be sure I decided to use the Whooga Uggs sizing table, and measured my feet. Still 23 cm, so I ordered a size 6.

Ordering on Thursday, delivered on Friday

I was pleasantly surprised when the Whooga Uggs boots arrived the next day. That was fast! I was a bit surprised about the packaging: what happened to the pretty brown box with the yellow ribbon? (see picture on the upper left). But later on I read on the Whooga Uggs website they decided to stop using the pretty box to keep costs low.

Whooga Uggs 2013: pale, and without the cute extras

The Whooga Uggs looked fine, though a little pale considering I ordered them in the Chestnut color. There was also a difference in the sole: my old Whooga Uggs sport the Whooga Uggs logo and some little flowers. The new soles don't have this cute addition.

Oh well, I was prepared to overlook the lack of the nice box, and the logo. But then I put my new Whooga Uggs on, and they were way too small! I know new uggs are supposed to be a bit tight, because the sheepskin wool will flatten and adjust itself to your feet, but this was ridiculous. My toes were screaming for mercy, and I could see them trying to get out through the sheepkin leather.

Exchanging Whooga Uggs for bigger size

I was quite bummed! I hadn't counted on running into trouble with the size, because I ordered the same size Whooga Uggs I've been wearing for the last couple of years. There was nothing else to do, but to send them back and request a bigger size.

So I paid the shipping costs to send them back, and within a few days the new Whooga Uggs in a size 6 arrived. I put them on, and they were still too small! My toes really hurt and I was beginning to feel like Cinderella's wicked stepsisters. So again I had to send them back, and order an even bigger size. The size 8 Whooga Uggs arrived after a few days, and what do you know: too big!

That's when I knew I had been beaten. I sent an email letting the good people at Whooga Uggs know about my woes, and that I officially gave up and requested my money back.

Customer service Whooga Uggs is very good

Even though my experience with Whooga Uggs boots wasn't all that good this time, I have to compliment their customer service. They replied promptly to my increasingly desperate messages, and exchanged my Whooga Uggs swiftly.

Whooga Uggs 2013: sizing seems to be different

Buying Whooga Uggs is not what it used to be. I think they've changed the model, causing differences in sizing. Even though the size 8 Whooga Uggs were too big, my toes still hurt in them. So it's probably no surprise personally I think the new model sucks. Which is a real shame because I just loved Whooga Uggs. They're the real thing: real sheepskin boots, and yet affordable.

It looks like I'm condemned to keep wearing my Whooga Uggs with the hole in them. Because even though they're soo 2009, at least they fit. Which is more than I can say about the Whooga Uggs 2013.

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