Look what I found: a vintage tv cupboard

Back in the old days people used to huddle together around a fire. But nowadays they huddle around the tv!

But where to put the tv?, so it doesn't mess up your feng shui and 'flow' of the room?!

TV's are challenging to your interior

As furniture goes, the tv has always been 'difficult'. When it's off, it's just a big, black square. So cupboards and tv stands were introduced to help integrate the television into our homes.

Flatscreens make it a little bit easier

Luckily, nowadays we have flatscreens, which can be mounted on the floor, and take up less space. But unfortunately, they're still really ugly. Wouldn't a classy van Gogh look much better?!

In our former house we had a fire place, which came with a handy little plateau, that was perfect for our tv. Now we're living in the country, and this house didn't come with with a plateau, so I had to find a solution for our tv.

I scoured a lot of thrift shops, and just when I started to despair I found it: a great vintage tv-cupboard, in sixties style.

How have you integrated the tv into your home?
Is it mounted on the wall?
Or on a table

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