Using a quilt as wallpaper?

I often think to myself how nice it would be if I could change the look of our living room as easily as the look of my blogs! Whenever I try a new theme on my blogs, and it turns out bad, I simply choose another theme. If only it worked the same way for my living room.

Then I had an idea!

Because I'm not a handy kind of girl, and I can't put up wallpaper to save my life. Yet I felt the need to try something new… Then I had an idea: I would use one of my floral bedspreads and hang it on the wall! That way I wouldn't have to go all handygirl, and if it didn't look good, I could easily undo the damage.

It did nót look good....

As it turns out, it did nót look good at all, so it was a good thing I could take it down so easily. I was disappointed though. I was looking forward to showing off my great decoration skills on this blog. But then I realized: failure can be useful too.

I can show you how ugly it looks if you try to use a quilt as wallpaper.

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