Wood serving tray: pimp it!

I was having two mom friends over, and I was getting everything ready. I like to use a wood serving tray to serve coffee, because it's practical and it looks pretty! But when I started to put the coffee cups on my tray, I noticed it looked kind of dirty!

That's because it's the kind of tray that looks like a little wooden box. Unfortunately it being made out of wood, it's difficult to clean. My guests would be there any minute. What a pickle! So I tried to channel Martha Stewart asking myself: 'What would Martha do?' Then Martha spoke to me, and suddenly I remembered I still had some coloured paper left from the time I pimped my kitchen drawers. Thank you Martha!

Wood serving tray: pimp it with coloured paper

So I ran into the living room to get me some, and chose two sheets with a pretty pattern. I'm really not very handy, so I didn't even bother with scissors. I just folded it to make it fit my wooden serving tray. I had to use two sheets, because one didn't cover the whole tray. Within minutes I had given my tray an extreme make-over! It went from shabby to shabby chic, and now it looks kind of romantic and feminine.



I think it looks really pretty. All it really needs is a glass cover or something, to keep the paper from getting dirty and messy. I just have to figure out where I can find a glass or perspex piece to cover up the paper and protect it. Although getting it dirty will be a great reason to change the patterns! This way my wood serving tray can have a different look every day.

Instead of paper you can also use fabric, or whatever material you like!

Do you use a serving tray for your guests?

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