Lockdown outing during Covid-19

Covid-19 outing
Three of my children have left the nest. But it's not empty, because I still have two children living at home. And because of the Covid-19 pandemic they've been home more than ever. 
The last time they saw the inside of a classroom was in March 2020! Since then, all lessons have been online. Social outings are not an option either.
So I worry about their mental and physical well being.

This can't be healthy!

It can't be good for young adults to spend all this time at home, sitting behind a screen! Which is why I decided to take them out on a fun outing.
So we went to McDonald's. 
And to really shake things up, we didn't use the drive-in but ordered the food inside the restaurant. Woohoo! 
We were all feeling kind of festive! 

'Fancy us, being in a real restaurant after all that time!' I said to my children.

Even though we couldn't sit down, and just had to stand there with our mouth masks on while we waited for the food, it was still nice to be out and about.
And after our food arrived we had a nice picnic in our car : )
How are you doing during this pandemic?

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