Netflix versus Amazon Prime

I've had a Netflix subscription for about 5 years now. I still think the whole concept of Netflix is a great invention.

But after 5 years I was like this woman who's looking into her full closet thinking:

'There's nothing I want in there.' 

That was me and Netflix.

Let's give Amazon Prime a try

Which is why I decided to give Amazon a try. And for about 8 weeks things were good. But then little things about Amazon started to annoy me. Like the way they put the button to expand the screen way on the top of the screen.

But mostly I started to worry about the fact that I now had 2 subscriptions to watch series and movies.

My Inner Accountant got angry

My Inner Accountant started to tell me on a daily basis that I was throwing my money away, and why did I need Amazon since I already had Netflix.

In the end I decided he had a point.

So I ended it with Amazon.

My Inner Accountant is happy, and so am I.

Now I have more time to read a good book : )

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