I've bird spotted The White Bath Duck!

As some of you may know, I like to think of myself as quite the bird watcher! It's all because of Sally Hinchcliffe's book The Year List, a psychological thriller about people who happen to be bird watchers.

Never having given birds a second thought, I was surprised to find myself getting interested in them. so I started to pay attention.

I'm proud to say I've spotted a sparrow, a crow and... wait for it: anóther sparrow.

I have spotted another.... bird!

And it is with much excitement, I can now add another bird to my list: The White Bath Duck! Rarely seen outside, it suddenly appeared in our garden. So I quickly got my camera, and crawled quietly towards it, to get a good shot.

This is a major breakthrough for bird watchers all over the world.

I'm gonna be known as the bird watcher who spotted the White Bath Duck! And when they want to shower me with all kind of awards I have my acceptance speech all ready.

I would like to thank

'I would like to thank my parents, my kids, my neighbours an the city council. But most of all I want to thank the good people of Fisher Price who have dedicated their life to increasing the number of White Bath Ducks all over the world. We thank you.'

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