Feedback Junkie

I'm a feedback junkie. Which is unfortunate, because I'm a mom. Moms don't usually get much feedback, except when things go wrong.

Like when you have the audacity to skip doing the laundry for óne day, then the feedback starts pouring in. 'Where are my socks, Mom?! Didn't you do my laundry?!' and 'Honey, I can't find any clean underwear, so I'll just wear these another day. You can hardly see the skid marks!'

Luckily I have found a way to feed my longing for some kind words, through blogging. And I'm very happy to report that I was featured by Cindy on Blogginghints, and Kim gave me The Versatile Blogger award.

I would like to thank...

So I would like to take a moment to thank my mom, who gave birth to me. To my dad who helped create me, to all my teachers, my old neighbours, the woman at the cash registry at our local supermarket, the president, my hubby and my kids.

I'm sure I could have done it without you, but I appreciate your input.

Strings attached: seven things about me

Unfortunately there are some strings attached to The Versatile Blogger award. I have to share seven things about me, which kind of sucks, because quite frankly, I'm all shared out. But I do want my reward, because I've already created space in my Award Cabinet. So here goes:

I'm a mom, I love chocolate, I run to keep my mental balance, I'm worried the kids gave me cooties, I love French Fries, I can't wait for the kids to go to school again and I love getting awards! So there you have it!

Now I have to give this award to 15 (!!!) other bloggers, which is a bit much if you ask me. I do have a lot of laundry to do after all. So I'll do 7!

I pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to:
I've become my parents
Debbie Does Coupons
My Dishwasher is possessed
Spongemom Stretchpants
Jennifer James Online

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  1. New follower from Pink Dandy Hop. I'd love for you to stop by mine
    Great 7 things. I've never gotten any awards - sigh. Just one more blog and mom thing I'm not living up to.

  2. I love your acceptance speech!!! Excellent!! I also love your seven things, and I'm right there with you on being glad school is starting soon!!! Congratulaitons on your being so Verstalie!! You are one of my favorite places to visit! Thank you so much for the shout out!! I really appreciate it!!!

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