I could use some Amazing Grace

amazing grace

You know those songs that get stuck in your head, and no matter how hard you try to get rid of them they just won't leave you alone? I suffered from just that phenomenon, while we were heading for a visit to my parents in law.

Amazing grace stuck in my head

'I keep hearing Amazing graze, how sweet the sound in my head,' I complained to my hubby. 'But those first two lines are beautiful aren't they?'
'What lines?'
'The first two lines of Amazing Grace!'
'Don't know that song.'

I'm not asking if you know the song!

'I'm not asking you if you know the sóng! I'm asking you how you like those first two lines.'
'What lines?'
'The lines I just told you I keep hearing in my head!'
'Don't know them.'
'AMAZING GRACE!' I shouted. 'Could you pléáse grace me with your attention?!'
'Yeah, I'll grace you,' funnypants said, putting his hand júst a bit too high on my left thigh.

Then he advised: 'Why don't you sing:

'Do you wanna do somethin' that rhymes with truck, do you wanna somethin' that rhymes with duck?'

But after this, he can forget about that!

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