Lately when my husband comes home from work, there's this spring in his step.

And as soon as he enters the house, he runs right past me, into the garden looking for his new love: 

Walnuts. Big nuts, small nuts and medium sized nuts. 

He loves them all.

What if...

The nuts are a gift from our neighbours tree, that's generously shedding them into our garden. My husband is very excited about this. 
Because whát if that tree had stood somewhere élse in our neighbours' garden! Then the nuts might nót have fallen into our garden. 
And then…. we wouldn't have had all these lovely walnuts.

My husband has a thing for fruitbearing trees

My husband has a thing for fruitbearing trees. Our little apple tree is still in shock from the time when my husband shook it, till it dropped all its apples in fright. My husband ran around excitedly collecting them, and then turning them into big pots of apple sauce nobody liked.

But you can't make apple sauce from walnuts, so now our house is filled with bowls of nuts. 

And those are some hard nuts to crack!

Nutter (person) someone who is extremely enthusiastic about a particular activity or thing:

"Floris is a walnut nut - he searches for them every day."

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