How I fell in love with Korean drama

korean drama

Somehow I fell in love with Korean drama.

And that's coming from someone who had no interest whatsoever in Korean, Chinese or Eastern culture in general.

Why I started watching Korean drama

I only started to watch a Korean drama because my youngest daughter had been nagging me to watch Korean drama with her for months.

Since she would be going for a 6 month stay in Beijing I finally gave in. I figured watching a Korean drama might help me get used to the idea of her living in China. Little did I know that Korean and Chinese culture are quite different.

Once I figured that out, it was already too late.

I was hooked on Korean drama.

At first I thought Korean drama was stupid

My daughter wanted to watch the Korean drama Two Worlds. For the first 6 episodes I watched with a very bad attitude.

I said things like:

'Does his mom know he's drinking wine?!' 

Because Korean men look a lot like boys. The lead character in Two Worlds is Actor Lee Jong Suk, who is in his thirties. But he kind of looks like he's twelve.


Lee Jong Suk in Two World

But after the sixth episode I couldn't help but fall in love with the characters, and the sweet blossoming love between Lee Jong Suk and the female lead.

Since that first Korean Drama I've watched a lot more. And I've got a long list of Korean dramas I want to watch.

What's so special about Korean drama?

So what's so special about Korean drama? And why is it so popular?

  1. Korean drama is sweet and romantic! Korean drama makes just holding hands special and exciting. 
  2. The storylines are great and original. The stories are quite different from the series I'm used to.
  3. The music in Korean drama is beautiful.
  4. I love the kissing scenes in Korean drama. Sometimes you have to wait for 10 episodes before the main characters kiss, but when they do it's great. 
  5. There's a lot of humor in Korean. Take for example the Korean drama Strong woman Do Bong Soon. I've laughed so hard my stomach hurt! It was great, and very cathartic to laugh like that. it had been a while.
korean drama
Strong woman Do Bong Soon

Would you like to watch Korean drama?

I watch my Korean drama on But there is also some Korean drama available on Netflix.

Do you like Korean drama?

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