What nobody tells you about WordPress!

I'm letting the cat out of the bag!

I made the move from Blogger to WordPress about 18 months ago.

I had read so much about the superiority of WordPress I decided to take the leap. And it was a big leap! The first few months I was quite homesick for good old Blogger. But once I got used to the WordPress interface and discovered the great Yoast plugin I started to like WordPress better.

Templates and themes are waaaay easier in Blogger!

However there is one thing I still like waaaay better in Blogger, and that's the way you can choose and install a new theme/template. Whenever I see a pretty theme in Blogger, and I install it, my blog looks just like the pretty theme! Blogger templates adhere to the rule: What You See Is What You Get.

But not so with WordPress!

And you never hear or read anything about this.

WordPress themes: What You See Is NOT What You Get!

When you buy yourself a pretty WordPress theme, your blog will NOT look like the pretty theme you bought. You have to do all kinds of stuff first. Stuff I usually can not do. Take the header for example. In Blogger your blog title will automatically have the pretty font of the pretty template. But in WordPress you have to create the header yourself!

Take for example the Modern Blogger Theme. Doesn't it look pretty? But you won't get the pretty fonts, in the beautiful colors. You'll have to create those yourself.  All yóú get is that grey header image. Which you'll then have to upload or use Photoshop to adjust.

I'm sad to say I've spend quite a bit of money on themes I could not get to look like 'the picture on the box.'

Here's today's lesson: be careful when you buy a WordPress theme

So I just wanted to put it out there. This thing no one tells you about WordPress.

What You See Is Not What You Get when you buy a WordPress theme. Sure there are tutorials, but they can be quite complicated. So be careful when you spend your money.

Is there anybody else who has had the same difficulties with WordPress themes? Or am I really that big a Noob?

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  1. i too am on self hosted wordpress am with a free theme. I have bought themes for clients but have yet to install a paid one on my site which I really like. I agree some of the theme do need quite a bit of technical knowledge to tweak.

  2. Yes, I'm sorry I feel that way too. I would love to LOVE WordPress. But I have to agree, that it offers more options than Blogger. So even though I miss Blogger I won't be going back…

    I tried the detailed tutorials, but they're never detailed enough for me.

  3. I'm sorry you feel that way. We offer free support for installation and setup of all of our Pretty Darn Cute Design themes as well as detailed tutorials and often times we create custom headers for our customers at no additional charge. The effort you put into setting up a premade theme will save you thousands, and gives you the freedom to change it out more frequently. The theme you referenced above is a few years old and no longer for sale. The new version of Modern Blogger looks identical to the demo 🙂 I agree with the above commenter, if you're serious about your business you want a self hosted WordPress website. I attempted to link to a blog post I wrote on the subject, but ironically enough Blogger would not allow me to post one link in the comments as it stated "you've posted too many links" something WordPress would not disallow as it's engaging for your audience. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about our themes, or WordPress in general 🙂

  4. WordPress is just more complicated, but you have to have it for business. The trick is when you get going along, and all of your plugins don't agree with the new updates, etc. Then the themes don't agree either. The technical issues with WordPress are never ending.

  5. The wordpress themes usually do take a bit of backend setup for them to look right. I am thankful that I have the knowledge of basic html and programming. I personally have a self hosted wordpress site and I bought a theme. Over all it looks just like the demo but I did modify my theme and customized it a little bit. Nothing too major but I did add some buttons and removed a few things. I kinda want a new theme but I love the professional look that my blog has.

  6. But the info that a theme will not look the way it does when you buy it, isn't listed anywhere. I've read all the smart print, and I haven't found any theme yet where it says: 'Your theme will not look the way this one does immediately.' I can't afford a designer, so that is why I like the ease of Blogger templates.

  7. Well, not to be snarky but this is why it's important to read EVERYTHING before you buy. I've known for a long time that what you see is not always what you get with themes. I'd rather hire a designer or figure out how to design on my own than rely on a template. Most of them are not only a pain in the heiny to customize, they're also not very umm, well, original. I've seen quite a few bloggers with several variations of that theme so I feel it's usually better to pay someone to design something unique to you and your blog versus using a template so many others already have.

  8. My blogs are all at blogger, but I've been interested in WordPress since so many people like it. I agree that themes are super easy in Blogger. What has kept me from switching it WordPress not accepting Javascript. I use a lot of java for Rafflecopter and widgets.

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