Fun healthy snacks for kids

Fun healthy snacks for kids are important.

Or to be more honest: healthy snacks for kids are important. Making them fun is important to me, because it makes it easier to get my kids to eat their fruit and vegetables.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

For years I've been offering my kids an apple a day. Much like the wicked stepmother in the story of Snow White. Then a few months ago, I read somewhere, apples are nót fun healthy snacks for kids! The article said that apples don't contain many vitamins and other healthy stuff. In fact, the article went on to state that apples come with pesticides. Hence the wicked stepmother association.

But as it is so often the case in the Land of Parenting, soon I read another study telling me that apples áre healthy snacks for kids.

Fun healthy snacks for kids made easy with an apple slicer!

And I choose to believe thát one. Because it's easier, and because I've just bought this great new apple slicer! I found it at Ikea and I love it. No more boring peeling the apples. I just use my apple slicer and the apple spontaneously turns into a little piece of art!

When it comes to healthy snacks for kids, looks are very important! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you can create fun healthy snacks for kids you're already halfway there when it comes to getting them to eat it.

I used Jonagold apples in these pictures, and I was pleased with how easy it was to slice them. You can take the apple slicer to a Granny Smith, but then you'll have to push harder. So choose your apple wisely.

Ideas for fun healthy snacks for kids

There are many, many great ideas out there to create fun healthy snacks for your kids. I especially like the ones that require little or no effort on my part. I'm sad to say I'm not one of those creative moms…

Here are some simple tips to get you going

  1. Use grapes to recreate the Hungry Little Caterpillar! In fact I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out Eric Carle was inspired by grapes when he drew the Hungry Little Caterpillar. It's so easy!
  2. I once made chicks on a stick. I just sliced a big carrot into long pieces, and attached a little (fake) chicken to it. It looked great and it was easy.
  3. Make a piece of watermelon look like a popsicle: just cut it into a triangle and put a stick in it!

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