Cheap little dress

I bought this cheap little dress for $ 10.25 at a local store. I was very happy with it, because it was dirt cheap, and it was made from a mixture of viscose and elastane.

'Ladies Fashion' made in China

And then the accident with the clothing factory in Bangladesh happened. Now when I look at my cheap, little dress I can't help but wonder: who made it? And under what circumstances? I checked the label and it says: 'Ladies Fashion' and 'Made in China'. I was relieved to see that at least it wasn't made in India.

Shopping ethically is more expensive

More and more people try to buy their clothes ethically, but the biggest hurdle for me is the price. I'm on a budget, and I love my clothes cheap. However, I do nót love the idea of little childeren working their fingers to the bone to sew my dress! It makes me feel like an evil witch.

Buy second hand clothes

My solution for now, is to buy my clothes second hand via This English eBay site has lots of Laura Ashley clothes, which I love. It's cheap, ánd it's already been made.

6 pointers on ethical shopping

If you're like me, and could use some pointers on how to shop ethically, check out this wikHow page! It offers 6 steps, and I'm happy to report I can check tip number 4 off my list: buy second hand!

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