Parental socializing at school

I arrived at school to pick up my two youngest sons, and saw a little gathering of parents already there. Feverishly I tried to think of something to say, because I feel it's important to socialize as a parent.

Although I wish I didn't, because groups and I are a bad combo. I walked towards the group with trepidation trying to come up with a good opening line, discarding: 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' and 'Isn't it hot in here?' Then, to my relief, I saw a dad whose wife is suffering from a burn-out! What a stroke of good luck! Now I had some material to work with, and start up a conversation.

'How is your wife doing?' I asked excitedly, basking in my stroke of good luck.
'Getting there,' he said. 'One day at at a time.'
'Good to know, good to know,' I mumbled, wondering what else to say. 'It's not easy for parents in the year… eh…' I began, wondering where in God's name I was going with this sentence.
'2012?' the dad suggested.
But before I could answer I walked into School Bus Sign and hit my head.
'Are you alright?'
'I'm fine! I'm fine!' I shouted, trying to look like that didn't hurt.

Mercifully that was when the kids got out of school, so I could say: 'Oooh what a shame! There are my kids! See you later!'
Just in time I a bit back: 'alligator', because thát would have been plain embarrassing.

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  1. It's always hard to think of ways to start conversations with people you don't really know... hope it goes a little smoother next time:)
    Thanks for sharing,

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