Messy Home?

Neighbourhood kids often look around around our happy home, and declare: 'It's só messy in here! Our house looks much better.'

This observation baffles me, because I think our house looks quite well, thank you! But, seven people live in it, and perhaps that explains their cruel judgment. Besides, I suspect their parents of Minimalism!

Yesterday the boy next door had a new point of critique: 'Your front door is always open! Burglars can walk right in!'
'Well,' I struck back, 'that's because you never close the front door behind you!'

That one he had to think about. After a few minutes of solemn silence he told me in hopeful tones: 'Perhaps burglars will steal all your stuff, and then your house won't be messy anymore!'

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  1. This is way too funny!!! Personally I belive very strongly is messy homes, I feel that they show it's a very happy home!! Of course I have to say this because my home is on the messy side as well, and my car, well, lets not even go there!!! I always enjoy your posts, you have a great site!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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