Am I the maid?!


I work from home. And since I'm the one who is at home, I'm the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning.

Because I work a lot, and I'm not all that good at housekeeping, my aunt Marie comes in once a month to help me. She cleans the windows, and does all the stuff I don't get to.

I pay my aunt Marie for her efforts. She's happy to help me out, and I think she secretly loves feeling superior. Because she's often scandalized by the way I have kept things.

Using an official maid service is not something I would consider right now. Mostly because of the costs. And I think I would feel uncomfortable of having people in my house on a regular basis.

Then I came across this article about maid services, and thought I'ld share it.

'Having a maid service

Having a maid service clean a house often seems like a luxury, but it is not just for luxurious homes. Many people can benefit from having cleaners work around the house, whether it is minimal cleaning or thorough cleaning. It is not just for the wealthy. While anyone can benefit from having a team or individual come in from a company like Maid Right and help them with their cleaning, some people could use the help more than others.

Working Moms 

Working moms often have double the workload. They cook, clean, escort, nurse and then maintain a career. Knocking one thing off the list can be really helpful and not as expensive as it may seem. A cleaner can come in as little as one a week or even a month. The cleaning schedule and duties are up to the client. Moms who just need a little weight off their shoulders and moms who need a lot can turn to house cleaners for help.

Senior Citizens 

There is often a period between fully independent and rest home where senior citizens are perfectly capable of living at home without an aid, but would benefit from some help. Tasks like vacuuming under furniture, bending over to clean toilets and scrubbing floors are a bit much to expect from an aging body. House cleaners can make life at home a lot easier and enjoyable for senior citizens. It also helps put the family's mind at ease.

Hard Workers 

Whether a person works 70 hours a week at a desk or 40 doing hard labor, getting home and keeping the house clean is tough. People who work harder than the average person could benefit from having fewer chores at home. Coming home to a clean bed and an empty sink also helps eliminate stress. Everyone deserves a break every now and then, but some people need it more.

When it comes time to decide whether a house cleaner is a good idea, it does not matter whether anyone thinks a person needs it. If a person can relinquish cleaning duties, it fits in the budget and a good service is available nearby, go for it. Just think of all the things a person could do with the time typically spent cleaning. '

I'm curious: do you have a maid?

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