Doing the laundry: my fight against Mount Washmore

With five kids who can't even eat a peanut butter sandwich without smearing it all over their clothes, my laundry baskets are seldom empty. But that doesn't mean I can't strive for blissful emptiness! Every day I declare war on Mount Washmore, and these are my strategies:

  1. I have three laundry baskets in the bathroom: one for lights, one for darks and one for really dirty stuff. Every night, before I lay me down to sleep, I stuff the washing machine with dirty laundry. This way, all I have to do the next day is add detergent and push the button, and I'm a good housewife already.
  2. I fold laundry every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while the children take their baths. While they tell me all about what Pikachu did to Tinkiewinkie I make yet another dent in Mount Washmore.
  3. Although I have a drier, I only use it for the 'small stuff' like underwear and socks. Pants, shirts, dresses, they come out of there like they are in desperate need of Botox, looking like a ninety year old wrinkled lady. So I put those on a hanger and hang them out to dry. The next day I only have to put them in a closet!
  4. Every Wednesday I change the beds. Because they wrinkle like crazy in the drier, I throw them across doors to dry. Works like a charm.

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  1. Morning Jacqueline,
    Great ideas here, and God Bless you with those 5 lil darlings, I only had 2 and that was plenty of laundry.......
    so can only imagine what you face daily. Mine are all grown and married now, so they are doing their own
    laundry. So nice to meet you here in blogland.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I had to stop over and visit. I struggle with Mount Washmore also. One thing that helps, I have a triple laundry hamper. It has three mesh bags mounted on a PVC frame, so I can just grab a whole bag of whites or colors and haul it down to the laundry room. I also make my kids do their own, so that lessens my share of it. On days that I work at home, I just set my timer for every hour and just do load after load. My washer is in the basement, so it's good exercise too! #SITSSharefest

  3. Great advice! I need to get a better laundry routine! I let them pile up and pile up and then its a HUGE chore to tackle!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!

  4. Laundry is my nemesis! I so appreciate these tips and need to work out a better laundry routine. I appreciate you linking with the Sat. Soiree & you're featured this week!

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