You can't do everything!


In anticipation of a visit from a posh, elderly lady, I'd gone through the house like a human whirlwind, removing all the evidence of a household suffering from neglect.

As a final touch I sprayed floral scents all around me, making the house smell like a meadow. Or a very cheap bathroom. I even remembered to clean up our entrance: I swept our sidewalk and removed all the kids' toys. Then I looked around me, and I saw that it was good.

Posh visitor

My posh lady duly arrived, and we had a highly polished conversation about stuff, while we drank tea from delicate porcelain cups I'd scored in the local thrift shop. Then I had to go to the toilet, because all that tea made my bladder complain. So I excused myself for a moment, and when I got back I saw my visitor standing in front of our living room window. The one that looks out onto our back garden.

Oh no! I forgot to clean up the back yard!

And that's when it hit me: THE GARDEN! I've forgotten to clean up the back yard! Silently I stood beside her, and together we looked at the wasteland before us. Then I mumbled:


She turned to me and kindly said:

'Honey, you can't be expected to do everything!'

Long after she was gone, I hugged those words to me. And when hubby came home, and complained about dinner not being ready I replied:

'Honey, I can't be expected to do everything!'

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