Aluminum foil that gets stuck!

Have you ever had this problem? You need a bit of aluminum foil, so you start pulling on the roll. And it tears?! And then it gets stuck, and for the life of you, you can't get a decent peace of aluminum foil?

And it looks a bit like this:

Here's some good news: there are some simple tricks to solve this pesky problem.

  • Don't buy the cheap stuff. Pay a bit more for some thicker aluminum foil.
  • Got yourself a new roll of aluminum foil? When you use it for the first time fold then end neatly. 
  • It's been said that shoving the role into the fridge for a few hours, helps!
  • Buy a special aluminum foil holder. You can even choose! There are holders you put on your kitchen wall, and holders for your drawer.
  • Push in the sides of the box. 

More tips are welcome of course!

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  1. a pet peeve, when the alfoil just threads itself. After several attempts at getting it the unroll properly I usually ditch it & open a new roll. Sometimes there's just no help for it.

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