Who's a mean mommy then?!

Once upon a time there was a little boy, who dreamt of his very own computer tablet. So every day he counted his pennies, and then one day he said: 'I'm only 5 dollars short!'

When his opportunistic mommy heard this, she immediately hatched a plan. She went to the little boy and in her sweetest voice she said: 'You know what honey? I'ld be willing to pay you 5 bucks if yóu pull out all the weeds growing on our garden path.'
The little boy was so delighted he ran right outside in his little pyjamas, and got to work.

In the meantime his mommy made herself a nice pot of tea, and lay down on the couch, enjoying the thought of her work being done by someone else. At times she heard strange strangled noises coming from the garden. Then she would cock her head, wondering: 'Is he crying?!' But after some listening she decided: 'No, he is singing! He is enjoying pulling weeds so much he is singing his little heart out!'

But then, just when she was about to pop another bonbon into her mouth, the little boy suddenly stood before her. Great, big, fat tears pouring down his little face. 'Mommy, I don't wanna pull the weeds no more,' he sobbed and his little body shook with grief. 'The path is sooo long!'
'That is why I pay you so well,' the mommy said.
That made the little boy cry even harder, and he showed his mommy his little hands: they were covered in mud and covered with scrapes.

Suddenly the mommy's eyes filled up with tears, and she hugged the little boy to her chest, promising him he would never have to pull weeds again. And she held him till all his tears were gone.

Then she went out into the garden and threw herself onto the garden path, shouting: 'Mea culpa! I am a bad mommy!' And to punish herself she made herself pull out every single weed weeds.

And if she's not finished, she's still busy today.

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6 reacties

  1. Oh, I'm worse than you, then. I'd probably give him only $2.50 for the job.

    Seriously, we all have days when we just want to do nothing. And I guess, you managed to teach your little one the value of money. Money may not grow on trees, but you can earn it by pulling weeds.

  2. Reading this reminded me of my own childhood and having to weed or mow the lawn. I felt as if I was put in a work camp even though the work was never that difficult. It is such a difficult line to balance, teaching the kids a lesson and not giving them the impression that we are too soft. I think whenever he uses his tablet he will know he earned the money for it, that's got to be great for self esteem and to make him quickly forget a few scrapes!! You are a good mommy! Lol! Love the blog makeover, very cute!

  3. I love that he is earning his own money for his tablet--what an awesome lesson for him! And yes, we all learn as we go, don't we? Better to make little itty-bitty mom-mistakes like this one than a realllllly big one, right? Great post!

  4. Awe... I am right there with you! Although his raising money is a wonderful lesson and will appreciate and take care of his Tablet more once he gets it. You had me crying at the end. and NO you are not a mean mommy!!

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