Now that the kids are home áll the time during Summer Vacation my life has become utter bliss. I've fallen in love with my children all over again.

We spend all our time together playing games of Monopoly, and not ónce do we fight about who gets to use the piece of the little doggy and who has to use the iron. And after lots of hours of fun, all the kids voluntarily help put everything back into the box.

Then the kids ask me: 'Is there anything we can help you with Mommy? Perhaps we could do some laundry for you? Or mow the lawn?' And I gently say: 'No kids, it's your vacation! You just go finish your book about Huckleberry Finn!

Yes, Summer Vacation is the happiest time of the year for me.


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  1. I'm pretty sure my mom still feels the same way.. and I'm in college and my sister is in high school! Some things never change 🙂

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