I'm glad my mom died review

I'm glad my mom died review

It's what you'd call a provocative title: I'm glad my mom died

I'm glad my mom died is the title of former child star Jennette McCurdy's book. 

Who is this Jennette?

Jennette became famous for her role as Sam in the popular Nickelodeon series iCarly. My children used to enjoy watching this series.

It was my youngest daughter who tipped me off about the book I'm glad My mom died.

At first, I didn't feel like reading this book. 
I am a mother.
I did not think reading a book about someone who is glad their mom died would be a very pleasant experience!
But once I started reading, I found I'm glad my mom died to be an interesting book, as far as such a book can be interesting.  The book is well-written and reads like a novel. 

I'm glad my mom died review: what's it all about? 

I'm glad my mom died is the story of Jennette McCurdy. She talks about her childhood up to her life now. At the age of six, Jennette's mother forced her to start acting. Her mother dreamed of a successful film career for her daughter. 
Besides the dream, it was also a good financial solution. The family had many unpaid bills, and thanks to Jennette's acting career, they had some financial relief.
Forced to live her mother's dream, Jennette herself didn't actually want to act. 
It caused her a lot of stress, and from what I read, she wasn't even that good at it. But perhaps I misunderstood because she got a role in the successful series iCarly on Nickelodeon. 
Jennette did what her mother wanted because she wanted to make her happy. Furthermore, her mother wasn't pleasant when she didn't get her way. 

Unhealthy symbiotic relationship 

The relationship between Jennette and her mother is highly unhealthy. In therapy, Jennette tells that she and her mother were best friends in an attempt to show how great her relationship with her mother was. 
Her therapist then remarks that this doesn't sound very healthy and asks if her mother had any adult friends. 
Jennette McCurdy's mother got breast cancer when Jennette was two years old. This had a big impact on the family. When her mother recovered, the family lived in constant fear that the cancer would return. It didn't help that Jennette's mother made them watch videos every week from the period when she was very sick!

A 'hoarder' 

Jennette McCurdy's mother was someone who couldn't throw anything away. Because the house was packed with stuff, Jennette and her brothers had to sleep on camping mats in the living room. She had her own bed for a while, but soon that too was filled with her mother's belongings. 

Jennette's mother showered her daughter until she was 17 

As if it wasn't bad enough that she forced her daughter into an acting career, Jennette's mother also felt the need to shower her. 
Even when she was seventeen. 
And during that, she would also perform internal and breast examinations. 

Mother encourages anorexia 

Another dubious feat of Jennette McCurdy's mother is that she encouraged Jennette to develop anorexia! Because of the desired acting career, her mother wanted her to stay very thin, with a childlike body. 
When Jennette started developing breasts, her mother taught her how to count calories to avoid gaining weight. 
In summary, Jennette McCurdy's mother in I'm glad my mom died emerges as a manipulative witch who abused her daughter both mentally and physically, using her to fulfill her own dreams. 
At the end of I'm glad my mom died, I totally understand the title of the book!

Jennette McCurdy about her acting career 

When I finished reading I'm glad my mom died, I looked up Jennette on Google. I was somewhat surprised to find out that she was indeed a famous child star. 

The book read like fiction! 

In the book, I learned that Jennette hated the character of Sam and thought the dialogues in the series she played were really bad. She also despised the terrible hairstyle she had in the series. 

Sam and Cat 

That made it quite strange to see her act in, for example, Sam and Cat. I saw an actress who seems to be enjoying herself. Here's a clip:
But after reading her book, obviously that's just an illusion. 

My conclusion about I'm glad my mom died

I'm glad my mom died is a smooth read but at the same time, it is very tragic. Especially because towards the end of the story, Jennette looks back on her relationship with her mother from an adult perspective. 

For most of the book, she views her mother as an amazing woman. 

As a reader, you know that it is not okay for your mother to touch you inappropriately in the shower, but for young Jennette, it was normal. 
Furthermore, this is a beautiful story about someone who overcomes her childhood and her bulimia. 

On Goodreads, I am glad that my mother is dead, got 4.56 out of 5 stars. 

N.B. As a mother, this book made me feel good because I was already in a positive position: 
I neither physically nor mentally abuse my child, and I let them make their own choices. 
What do you think about I'm glad my mom died?

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  1. Wow, what a sad story! After reading your review, I understand the title, but I don't think it would be a feel-good read for me at all! Visiting from Sweet Tea & Friends today

  2. That sounds like a tough, but interesting read. I must say I've never heard of Jenette or watched iCarly, but it sounds like it would be interesting to anyone to have their eyes opened to the sort of control and abuse that happens within families.
    Popping over from Bookworms Monthly.

  3. How sad that someone should have such a manipulated childhood. It's hard to understand how these things go unnoticed by others, especially as she says she attended therapy. I'm glad it turned out well in the end. Wishing someone dead is different to being glad that they died.

  4. Nicole, I'm glad you shared this review. I had been wondering about this as I've seen it and thought I don't want to read a book with that title. This is so sad and I can't even imagine what she's went through.
    Thanks for sharing this book review with Sweet Tea & Friends May link up.

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