Finding your niche

With four older siblings I could see my youngest son struggling to find his niche.

My eldest daughter's niche is easy: her niche is simply Being The Eldest. Then comes my son Jan, who's a bit different because he's got a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. So that's his niche taken care off. After that comes my youngest daughter: she likes to sing a lot, ánd out of tune. So her niche is The Annoying One That Can't Hold A Tune. Then we have my second son, who's very laidback. Some people might even call him lazy. So that's his niche: lazy.

With so many niches already taken, my youngest struggled to find his own special niche. But in the end he found one: he's the one who rats all the other ones out.

Suffice it so say, he's not the most popular one.

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  1. A, the Tattle-Tale club. My daughter is President of that here at our house. Or Mommy-In-Training, take your pick. My son sits pretty in the I'm-Older-And-Plan-To-Milk-That-For-As-Long-as-I-Can niche.

  2. This is cute! You have me thinking about my own children's niche would six year old daughter would definitely be 'the negotiator' (for she is constantly giving us the "But, I just have to tell you something...") - of course this always comes after a request from Mom or Dad. My three year old son would be 'the hard of hearing', for he is constantly saying "What???" (and yes, we have checked his ears and they are perfectly fine). Thanks for the giggle - stopping by from SITS!

  3. I just tried to leave a comment on your no comments post. It was really long and my web root wouldn't let it go thru. That might be a problem. I really can't type all that over on my iPad but Happy Sharing SITStah. I love the boots! This was a cute post. Maybe it did go through and is awaiting moderation, I hope was good stuff. I am happy to follow you going forward.

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