Who should NOT play Christian Grey

It's the question of a lifetime: 'To be or not to be' and 'Who should play Christian Grey?' (Don't know the story of Christian Grey? Check out my post: 8 thoughts on 50 shades of grey)

There are already lots of posts about who should play this tormented soul, who only needs the tender loving care of a good woman to kiss his booboos away. So I decided to create a list of men who should NOT play his character.

Five actors who should NOT play Christian Grey

Brad Pitt: he's too old, and there's something sunny-side-up about the guy that wouldn't match Christian Grey's broodiness. Even though he's married to Angelina Jolie.

George Clooney: again, too old. And too old.

Tom Cruise: waaaay too short, and also too clean cut. Besides, someone who jumped the shark by jumping the couch, shouldn't be seen in any serious role again.

McDreamy: he looks too dreamy and vulnerable. Besides I hear he's dyslectic so how's he gonna learn lines that have him say things like: 'I'ld like to claim your ass.'

Hugh Grant: Hugh Grant who? Where did he disappear to?

Which actors do you think should NOT play Christian Grey?

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  1. Perhaps he's in jail again, for soliciting a hooker? I'll never forget his face on his police mug shot…
    Then again: he says he's really lazy, so perhaps that's why he seems to have disappeared.

  2. I love Hugh Grant too bad he's not in movies anymore. Who should not play Christian Grey??? Pierce Brosnan {I think that man is brilliant, but not for this character.}

  3. Now, this is an interesting post! It's funny how these days, since all the good books are turned into films, I find myself wondering who would play all the characters in whatever book I'm reading. I've really wondered about Christian {and Anastasia for that matter}.
    Now, unless I've gone crazy, I recall that he's darker skinned so definitely no to all the boys you have listed. Nowhere near attractive or perfect enough to play Christian. Also no to Christian Bale.
    I say yes to a Mario Van Peebles (is that his name?!) or younger Lenny Kravitz type with longer hair.
    Have you read the second book yet? On this weekend's agenda.

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