Gotcha!!! Prank gone wrong.


Suddenly I felt this rush of youthful playfulnes which made me decide to 'surprise' my eldest son Jan.

Silently I made my way to his room...

Barefoot I made my way to his room, finding the door mercifully open, and silently slid inside. Jan was engrossed in killing off some kind of unpleasant demon on his computer.

Holding my breath I tiptoed towards him, and just when I was about to shout triumphantly:



Jan said calmly, without batting so much as an eye: 'Boo.'

Then I had to sit down for a while until the trembling stopped.

'Cause he really got me.

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  1. That was fun, we all need a laugh. I am sure your son was laughing on the inside as he killed the monster and nearly killed his mom.
    Let's feature this, just for laughs on the next Blogger's Pit Stop

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