What happened to Whooga Uggs?!

'What happened to Whooga Uggs?'

That's what I've been googling for the last few weeks. But it seems like no one is providing any answers.

In the past I've been very, very happy with my ugg boots from the Whooga Uggs brand. They were nice and warm, and very comfortable. And best of all, they were much cheaper than the UGGS AUSTRALIA brand ugg boots.

2013 Whooga Uggs is going downhill

But in 2013 things started to go downhill. I bought a new pair of Whooga Uggs, in the same size as I had ordered before. But when I got them, they didn't fit right. They'd also changed the soles, and the boots looked kind of cheap. The beautiful brown box with the yellow ribbon was gone too.

So I send them back, and got a refund. So far so good.

November 2013: warnings about Whooga Uggs

Then, in November 2013, I started seeing warnings about Whooga Uggs. People ordered and paid for a pair of Whooga Uggs and never got them. Or they didn't get a refund. And customer services started to suck big time.

January 2014: the end has come for Whooga Uggs

In January 2014 I suddenly got an email from Whooga Uggs saying they were going to stop selling the boots. And that they were having a final sale. So I rushed on over there, but there was no explanation or anything.

I know they had some trouble with UGGS AUSTRALIA in the past. I read somewhere that UGG AUSTRALIA made sure the succesfull Facebook fanpage of Whooga Uggs was taken down.

I'm still curious what happened to Whooga Uggs! I really liked them, and I know lots of other people did too.

Due to unforeseen circumstances

It's now January the 20th, and there is a new message on the Whooga Uggs website saying:

'We wish to express a heartfelt thanks for the support of our customers, friends and staff over the past 10 years. Sadly due to a number of unforeseen circumstances we are no longer trading. We will keep our guides and tutorials online but will no longer be answering enquires.'

I wonder what those 'unforeseen circumstances' are! Does anyone know? I know curiosity killed the cat, but luckily I'm not a cat!

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