That moment your realize that....

That moment when you realize the Kdrama you're watching not completed. So you'll have to wait for the next episode...

I only watch Kdrama's* that are completed.

Or so I thought.

Unfortunately I discovered I was watching one that's still ongoing. Which means my bingewatching came to a screeching halt!

It's moments like that, that make you wanna scream.

Here's a whole list of moments like that.

Moments like that...

  • The kids have the day off from school. Again. And you didn't know.
  • You're at the grocery store and you've forgotten your list of things to buy and you mind immediately goes.
  • When you realize you've forgotten to answer that important email. Last week.
  • You've got a whole stack of great books you wanna read from the library, and then you realize you've forgotten your membership card.W
  • When you close your front door with a bang, only to realize you left your keys inside.
  • When you come home from doing the grocery shopping, and you realized you've forgotten the most vital ingredient.
  • When you get up from the toilet and you realize: it was wet....
  • When you realize that the angry email to your husband was sent to an important business contact because of autofill. Why of why do both their names start with an 'F'?!
  • When you're expecting company and you realize you're out of coffee, and you live somewhere in the country and your husband took the car.

Do you have moments like that?

*Korean drama

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  1. I had to laugh at a couple of these. Especially the keys and the shopping list AND forgetting the one ingredient you went to the store for in the first place. I haven't had the email mishap though and I like to keep it that way. Great post. #HomeMattersParty

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