When scissors fall into the wrong hands...


It happens to the best of parents.

One of your kids finds a pair of scissors and decides to give him or herself a new hairdo....

Damage Control

Here's to damage control!

Thank the lord for hair gel!

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  2. And the annoying thing was: we had just come back from the hairdresser! I guess my son got inspired…

    I visited you all back! Thanks for the comments. I guess cutting your hair as a kid, is kind of like having chicken pox: we all have to go through it once.

  3. I think all kids have this experience. What I remember most from my own childhood is the sense of shame after being caught cutting my own hair! Hair always grows back, it's nothing to worry about!

  4. Oh my gosh Nicole. That's priceless. This made me think about the time my now adult daughter who was 3 at the time gave herself a haircut.
    Visiting today from Crazy Little Love Birds #1&2

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