How do you compose your grocery list?

grocery list

A well written grocery list is like a beautiful symphony!

It will get you through the supermarket in the fastest, most efficient way. And if it's a masterpiece, it will prevent you tearing your hair out in despair later in the week, because you just found out you're missing an essential ingrediënt. Like cheese puffs. I had my grocery list down to an art. I knew what I needed, and I knew where to get it.

They changed everything!

And then the people at the supermarket changed everything around! Instead of having the vegetables in the front, they're now in the back! And where the vegetables used to be, they now have cookies. I hate it!

It made me realize everything on my grocery list revolves around my choice of vegetables. 

So I need to get those first. Because if I buy green peppers, I'll know I need to buy spaghetti and meatballs. And if I decide on a cucumber salad, I'll need to get some salad dressing. The vegetables tell me what else I have to get. Yep, they talk to me!

But now everything feels all wrong. Because even though I would like to say cookies are an essential staple of every meal, who am I kidding? They're not!

How do you compose yóur grocery list? Do you write it according to the layout of your supermarket? Or by category? Do you plan a weekly menu, and then write your list?

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  1. I am super organized with my meal planning or I go bonkers! I make my grocery list by category, usually by: packaged items, dairy, fresh, and "stuff." I first write out things that I'm out of and then sit down to meal plan and write new ingredients that I need.

    That's really annoying when stores move everything around. The store I usually shop at was closed for 3 days for a remodel and they rearranged almost everything. I feel like after months, I am still learning where stuff is!

  2. I make my list according to the store layout. I guess I'm old and set in my ways because it annoys me to go to store and everything rearranged! Thanks so much for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 12. PINNED

  3. I use my list as a guide, but I tend to be a bit creative with it once I get to the store. Generally I think about how the aisles are laid out, but occasionally I get there and everything has been moved!! Thank you for being a part of Hearth and Soul, and for sharing this post.

  4. I make my grocery list by store sections so I don't have to constantly backtrack. I also have a certain way of grouping my items in my grocery cart so they are easier to bag at self checkout and quicker to put away at home. Visiting from Friday Favorites.

  5. I try to organize in categories and acutally use an app called Grocery IQ. Once I've entered an item it is saved so I can scan the list of things I've purchased from that store previously. In the past, I had a master list in my computer that I could print out and check the items I needed.

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