I've got a new purse! Wanna see?

new purse

My trusty purse has been looking decidedly tired for several months, but it's not easy to find just the right purse. It always reminds me of poor Goldilocks: you've got to find just the right one. Not too big, but not too smalll either. With enough handy pockets to organize your stuff in, but not so many that you're forever rummaging through your bag looking for stuff.

The best way to find a new purse is by accident

In my experience the best way to find a new purse, is by accident. When you're not out there looking for a purse and you suddenly just spot one. And it looks like everything you're looking for in a purse. But beware! You may just be falling for its good looks and charm. So it's important to know what you're looking for in bag.

My criteria for a purse are:

  1. I want a neutral bag, that will go with my floral skirts.
  2. I want a light bag: it shouldn't be heavy when I haven't even put anything of my stuff in it!
  3. It should have a shoulder strap
  4. It should have several handy pockets, but not too many.
  5. It should not be too expensive. (max. 50 USD)

How I found my purse

This week I was checking out this new shop-in-shop shop. It's a really big shop, that offers people the opportunity to sell their products. So there are several shops in one big sized shop. And that's where I spotted my new purse. 
It 's a bit more feminine than my old purse, but it had the shoulder strap I wanted. And it felt like something different in a good way. Look, here's a close-up of my new purse:
And here's a picture of my old purse:
The old purse is great too, but like I said, it's a bit tired looking.
So, how do you like my new purse?

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