The love of a good wife

a good wife
Today my husband came home, and whispered in the tones of a dying man:

'I don't feel so well… I may have caught the flu.'

My first thought was: 'Tough! You'll just have to keep going, just like I do!'
But then it hit me: if hubby was home, then I could make a break for it!

Why don't you have a nice lie down honey!

So I tenderly told him: 'Why don't you have a nice lie down honey, and tomorrow you'll call in sick. You can lie on the couch with a blanket, and watch the kids, while I pop out. It will give me a chance to do some grocery shopping, go to the library, and perhaps have a nice quiet lunch with me, myself and I.

I suddenly feel much better

For a while my husband stayed silent. Then he said, in a much stronger voice than before:

'What do you know?! I suddenly feel much better! I do believe I'll go to work tomorrow, for some peace and quiet.'

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  1. LOL, OMG! You have me in stitches with this one. I know this scenario so well. You've inpsired me to write about it (perhaps in a day or two). I have to say though, you are suave, my inner harpie would have come out at that statement, but I'm still mommy new to mommyhood and still getting my head around being a wife... even though its been 5 yrs :0) Thanks for making me laugh and showing me how it's done ;0)

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