How to get your husband to help around the house more

Most men nowadays help around the house these days.

After all, two feminist waves have left their mark! It's hard to stay a male chauvinist male pig with so much pressure nót to be.

However there are still some men around who simply don't séé it. They may not even realize you'ld appreciate some help around the house.

If your husband is like that, then keep on reading!

6 ways to get your husband to help around the house

  1. Ask and you shall receive! Like I said: not all men realize you're longing for a helping hand. So ásk him to help you!
  2. Be specific. Don't go around the house sighing deeply and looking like a martyr in the hopes that he'll think: 'Hey! She probably wants me to help out!' So tell him: 'I would love it if you would vacuum the living room honey!'
  3. Choose your moment. Don't wait until you're sweaty from frustration and seeing stars before you ask for his help. Because there's a good chance it won't sound very friendly.
  4. Show your appreciation. Tell your husband you're very glad he helped out.
  5. Let him do it His Way. Lots of woman live by the motto 'My way, or the highway'. But you can't expect your husband to do everything exactly like you would. If you can't handle this, then make sure you're in another room.
  6. Research has shown helpful men get more action in the bedroom. So if all else fails, tell him that!

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12 reacties

  1. None of those work for my Mr. Sexy. I hate to say it but I have done everything I could think of to get him to do his honey do list. Its all been a fail so I just do it myself.....Sigh he thinks he works he therefore is done when the day ends except he DOES cook dinner. He knows how much I despise it.

  2. I am such a bad one for watching to see if he's doing it right! Instead this should be my cue to grab a cuppa and put my feet up on the lounge. Asking for help does come with it grumbles though, they're just like teenagers!

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