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  1. I was in Jamaica but saw what was happening on television. It was really shocking! My latest post is about 9/11. I hope something like this never happens again. My thoughts and prayers are with those who died and their loved ones.

  2. I was at home, talking to some newspaper guy, when my husband got home from visiting a neighbour who'd had the television on. My husband turned on the television, and there it was: the event that shocked the world.

    9/11 is definitely one of those moments everyone remembers with great clarity. And to all of us, the answer to the question: 'Where were you?' comes easily.

  3. Thanks for sharing! It brought tears, which is a good thing!

    I was (as the song said)a teacher in a classroom full of innocent children. The hardest moment of my teaching career!

  4. 30 blocks away, 40 floors up and I saw the 2nd tower get hit. A few of us quickly walked to my apartment and had to go through Central Park and there were nannies pushing strollers and tourists going for jogs and we were saying, 'none of these people have any idea whats going on".

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