The Followers Myth

Sometimes I picture them standing there: this big group of people. Fivehundredandfortytwo, to be exact. They're following me. Or are they? When I look at my statistics I sadly shake my head and I say to myself: 'They must have gotten lost!'

I believe this to be The Followers Myth. Somehow, somewhere, the idea got stuck in bloggers' heads, that having lots of followers is a sign of blogging succes. But like age, it's nothing but a number.

1000 followers does nót equal 1000 visitors

Because thousands of followers, do nót mean thousands of visitors. Sure it looks nice, if you have lots of followers, but it doesn't necessarily mean they all make a daily visit to read your blog. All it means it that they got their once, and they figured: 'Oh well, I'll follow this blog'.

Sometimes I compare my blogs to a swing. On the one hand I have my running blog Mom's Home Run. In the beginning I pushed it a bit, and now it gently keeps on swinging back and forth without too much effort.

And then there is Momfever. It's short, it's funny, it's informative, but yet it won't take off. I have to push, and push, and as soon as I stop pushing it grinds to a halt. And yet Momfever has more followers than Mom's Home Run!

The secret to a steady flow of visitors

The secret to a steady flow of visitors, besides writing good content of course, is getting your blog added to bloggers' blog linklist. That way, whenever you write a new post, your blog appears at the top of the blog list and people will see it.

Show your love for other blogs in your linklist

So I propose to do away with The Followers Myth, and start adding blogs you really like to your blog list. That way bloggers' pageranks will improve, and more people will get to know your blog.

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  1. Hi I have to agree followers are great but they are not a realistic read on how a blog is doing I have been to blogs that have 2000+ followers but as you scroll through the posts there are only 1 or 2 comments and I have been to blogs with 300 followers that posts regularly have 30+ comments. I'd rather have active interaction than a big number!

  2. I also agree!

    I was getting discouraged because I stopped getting followers, even though my visitors and comment numbers where there.

    Now I find myself gettin back into blogging again because of posts like yours. I now know it doesn't matter what the Followers number says. Its about visitors, content and comments.

    Hopefully companies will start to realize what we are all starting to. That just because we don't have 1,000s of followers doesn't mean out content won't get out there. It will. Cause so many of us use twitter, facebook, linkups, and sites like Voiceboks to get the word out. Besides google does always find us!

    I echo what Carla said. Tell us how to do this "Blog List"

  3. My blog list is at the top of the page, on the right. If you use Blogger just go to your dashboard, and click on 'Design'.
    Then click on 'Add a Gadget'
    Then scroll down to 'Blog list'.

    This gadget lets you put in links to blogs you like, and everytime that blogger has a new post, it will rise to the top of the list!

    One of the reasons my other blog, Mom's Home Run, has a steady flow of visitors is that it's added on several blog lists by other bloggers.

    If you're nót using Blogger, you can create a linklist of blogs you really like.

  4. I was with blogger until Octoberish of last year, but I had disabled my GFC before that. At the time I think I had 60 or so followers. I rather look a page views, it definitely tells the truth. Somedays I'm like wow and other days I'm like :-(. I don't' think I have a blog list option on my site but I do have a blog directory page. I haven't been adding to it lately. I've have started subscribing by e-mail to keep up.

  5. A special page where you list all the blogs you like, is similar to the Blogger gadget of 'Blog list'. However it does not feature the most recent post, or thumbnail, which is a shame.

    Lots of bloggers have created a special page for their list of blogs to keep their page from looking too cluttered. But I feel the blog list is worthy of a spot in the sidebar! Sometimes I visit a blog partly because of their blog list: I use it as a stepping stone to visit other great blogs.

  6. Oh, this is good and soooo true! I think every blogger goes through this and if you don't look at it like you wrote about, it can be discouraging! Great post!

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