Moving from WordPress to Blogger with the new WordPress to Blogger converter

ovMoving from WordPress to Blogger

Do you want to move your blog from WordPress to Blogger?

Yes, that is a choice some people make!

So no, I did nót mix up the order, and yes I did mean moving from WordPress to Blogger and not the other way around.

It's a different choice, but a good one.

I recently moved one of my WordPress blogs back to Blogger.

Here's why.

Why I moved several of my WordPress blogs back to Blogger

  1. I think Blogger is much more user friendly than WordPress. And yes I do know what I'm talking about, because I have 3 succesful WordPress blogs.
  2. Even though WordPress is known for having more options and possibilities, I feel that you can achieve the same level of blogging succes with a Blogger blog.
  3. It's free! I've saved money by moving my WordPress blog back to Blogger. I don't need to pay for hosting anymore. I only have to pay 10 USD per year for my domain name.
  4. I'm also saving money on several paid plugins.
  5. You can optimize your Blogger posts for SEO just as well als on WordPress blogs.
  6. Should a post go viral, sending a surge of new visitors to your blog, you don't have to worry about traffic overload and your website crashing.
  7. I just really love Blogger.

Wordpress to Blogger converter

If you move your blog from WordPress to Blogger, you need to convert the WordPress file of your blog. First you download it, and then you have to convert it. You can't just upload it to Blogger.
There used to be site where you could convert your file, but that disappeared. However now there's a new WordPress to Blogger converter, and it's great. 

You can find it at

Word of warning

There's one thing you should know when you move your WordPress to Blogger: your images will appear broken. So you have to manually add all the images to your posts again, or you can use this method on Scratch the web.

Summing up

I just love Blogger, even though I also have 3 WordPress blogs. If it wasn't too much work, I would probably move those three to Blogger too.

But if your blog isn't too big, you can definitely move your WordPress blog to Blogger. It'll save you money and it's easier to work with.

At least that's what I think. I know that most people say WordPress is the way to go.

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  1. I love this post! My blog has been on Blogger since I started it in 2011. I've considered moving to WordPress but never knew if it would be worth all of the trouble. Plus, I've loved Blogger! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  2. It's wonderful to hear of someone moving back to Blogger after being on WordPress. I always read the opposite-that WordPress is the way to go. I love the ease of using Blogger, however, and I also enjoy the free platform. I do pay for my own domain. I'm not a "techie" person and Blogger is so easy to use. I've considered buying a template, but like being able to change my template around myself and with Blogger that is easy too. Great post!

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